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Let's keep Kirkland welcoming, inclusive and safe!

We are a group of Kirkland Washington residents dedicated to ensuring that Kirkland remains a safe, inclusive and welcoming city for all people, as described in our City Council’s January 3rd, 2017 Proclamation (click here to read).
NEWS (April 16, 2018): Gun Safety Resolution

Exciting News! KirklandSafe and Indivisible Kirkland have collaborated with other community groups to create a proposed resolution that asks the Kirkland City Council to partner with the community to prioritize gun safety in our city and in our state. We will be presenting our proposed resolution at the April 17th.

The proposed resolution will allow city staff to implement a variety of initiatives in partnership with the community. Examples of actions the city could take following such a resolution include:

     o   Organizing community events and dialogues on gun safety.

     o   Promoting educational programs on gun rights and responsibilities, suicide prevention, safe storage of firearms,

          domestic violence protections, active shooter response trainings, etc. 

     o   Advocating for funding for local school district safety measures.

     o   Passing an ordinance on reporting lost or stolen firearms.

     o   Adding priorities to the city’s state legislative agenda to include gun safety initiatives.

A link to the proposed resolution can be found here:  Resolution to Save Lives through Gun Safety


Here’s two things you can do to show your support:

  1. Sign our petition on Change.org, which demonstrates community support for a resolution on gun safety.  You’ll find the petition here:  https://www.change.org/p/kirkland-wa-city-council-support-a-gun-safety-resolution-in-kirkland-wa


2.  Attend the May 1st City Council meeting to support the proposed resolution.  A room full of supporters would significantly bolster our request.  The City Council meeting will be at 7:30pm on Tuesday, May 1st at Kirkland City Hall.  We will have several speakers presenting during “Items from the Audience.”  The Council will likely include a discussion and vote as agenda items during the body of the meeting.

About KirklandSafe:
The city is the foundation of American democracy. It is where people live, work, learn, play and dream.
With talk of government registries and other programs that threaten basic human rights, we will do everything in our power to ensure the liberty and safety of all our residents and visitors.
Our Mission:
We will be advocates for the Proclamation's principles by partnering with the city, schools, police and other Kirkland organizations and businesses on programs and policies to make Kirkland even safer, more inclusive and welcoming.
How Can You Help?:

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